Black in the Summer? We Seattlelites love wearing our dark shades. My cold weather wardrobe consists of mostly black, navy blue, dark grey, light grey, heather grey, grey grey. And yes its due to the gloomy weather and the risk of overdosing on caffeine at a local coffeeshop. But anyways, how many of you still […]

I am Woman Check out this Facebook page my roomie made. We love Wonder Woman and the virtues she exemplifies.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness Happy Fourth of July everyone! Remember the purpose of the day – when the US adopted the Declaration of Independence over 240 years ago, thus breaking away from the the crown of England. Be thankful for opportunity and pray for our country. Enjoy your parades, bbq’s, baseball games, […]

When a Royal takes her Mother’s Advice A 1775 letter Marie Antoinette received from her mother, Queen Maria Theresa of Austria-Hungary, offered some pertinent advice. “You know that I have always been of the opinion that one should follow fashion moderately, but never carry it to excess…” #FirstThings #FashionHistory #MarieAntoinette  

When Adidas Made a Comeback and So Did I Do you remember wearing these shoes in high school (or junior high – for all you babies out there?): Well, they’re back… and so am I… It’s funny how cyclical (and perhaps cynical) fashion can be when Adidas, Steven Madden, and Lisa Frank from your childhood […]

Support Local: Trove Boutique Vintage finds always bring joy to my heart. Be sure to check out what’s in your own backyard! Here’s a spiffy place down in Ballard – Trove Boutique. Filled with merchandise from all eras you’ll be delighted to find that silky slip or boudoir robe, mink fur caplet, or dazzling statement […]